Twitter Jumpstart

I try to us this Blog article for summarizing  the minimum knowledge that I found is necessary for having enough knowledge to follow tweets via Pidgin and what my experiences had been about.

1. I decided to get a Twitter account to follow some people I followed another way before.

Because I liked to have real time  notification without web interface, I installed the Pidgin Plugin microblog-purple which runs well on Windows and Linux.

So I can search and follow people using the web page and get the tweets popping up in my twitter plugin for Pidgin.

2. The RRS feeds Twitter offers is a well working way to be notified as well. But because I’m checking my RSS reader less often than my Pidgin IM, my opinion is that Tweets must be integrated into an instant messenger. This is because I don’t like to have yet another third party program open or  I don’t like to have yet another web page open that I manually need to check. I like to be notified using an IM window. This is because my IM is well integrated at my daily work and at home. So I’m just using the RSS reader as an backup option.

3. After a while I liked to subscribe to #hashtags as well and found out that this is no functionality I can do at the Twitter web page. Two links helped me getting the information about Twitter I have not been able to figure out myself before:

4. Because microblog-purple and the Twitter web interface does not support #hashtags and I now know more about Twitter, I figured out that I can subscribe to #hashtags the following way:

Mostly, this new plugin works and is updating but does not open a new chat window to notify me.  The Pidgin symbol in the status try is not updated as well. So I have to keep the chat window open.  To see updates automatically. But an advantage is that I have direct access to my saved searches and can execute them from inside Pidgin directly as if they would be a chat room.


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